is a collective of artists + creatives. We are Black, Indigenous & People of Colour empowering each other as an allied community. We are film + tv, media & arts professionals - from emerging to established - based in western Canada.


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Creatives Empowered is pleased to announce that it has received essential Canada Media Fund Black People and People of Colour Sector Development Support!

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Join us for a powerful and enlightening discussion on the challenges racialized talent face in Alberta’s screen-based industries – from emerging to established – and the solutions we all need to see.  We’ll share practical and supportive resources you can access now to create more opportunity and equity.  Moderated by Creatives Empowered Founder Shivani Saini, panelists include actor, producer, award-winning entrepreneur and activist Jesse Lipscombe, Emmy nominated Tonya Williams – the Founder and Executive Director of Reelworld, and award-winning Nigerian-Canadian filmmaker Omatta Udalor.

Jesse Lipscombe 

Jesse Lipscombe is an Edmonton-based actor, producer, entrepreneur and activist, who started his acting career at age 14 alongside Sidney Poitier in the Calgary-shot film Children of the Dust.  Jesse continues to act and produce in award-winning productions, and is a multiple CSA and Rosie award nominee.  In 2018, Jesse was the recipient of the Obsidian Award for Top Business Leader in Western Canada, and he was named Community Man of the Year by Diversity Magazine. Through it all, Jesse’s top priority has been giving back to his community, which he’s done through multiple annual fundraisers and partnerships with Edmonton charities such as WIN House and iHuman.  In September 2017, Jesse and his wife Julia launched the #MakeItAwkward campaign to combat racism, misogyny, homophobia and hatred of all kinds.

Tonya Williams

Emmy nominated Tonya Williams is the Founder and Executive Director of Reelworld Film Festival and Reelworld Screen Institute, now in their 20th year, & AccessReelworld.ca; North America’s largest recruiting database for racially diverse talent.  Through these organizations she’s been able to advocate and create more access and inclusion for Canadian Black, Indigenous, People of Colour in the screen-based production industries.  She currently sits on Telefilm’s Diversity & Inclusion Group, the Canadian Media Fund Black Industry Leaders Group, Board of Directors for WOW! Unlimited Media, The Black Academy, and is one of the founders and a Board Member of the Black Screen Office.  Tonya is based in Los Angeles.

Omatta Udalor

Omatta Udalor is a Nigerian-Canadian producer, director and actor who tells stories from a different perspective, and strives for inclusive stories with a unique voice.  The founder of Floating Handcuffs Entertainment Inc., Omatta has produced 4 award winning short films: Texted, The Trials of Miss Mudimbe, The Citizen and A Path to Somewhere.  As an actor he’s appeared on Heartland, Hell on Wheels, Wynona Earp, Till You’re 16, in web series Private Dicks and The Katabasis and in feature films such as Global Meltdown, The Lost Cafe, and Valerie.  Omatta is an active member of the Calgary Society for Independent Filmmakers, a Cultural Instigator with CADA, and an advocate for diversity, inclusion, tolerant understanding and the empowerment of BIPOC artists and individuals.

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Our Mission

CREATIVES EMPOWERED is a safe and supportive community for artists + creatives who are Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, based in western Canada.  We advocate for and represent our members and their needs. We increase professional opportunities for IBPOC talent. We provide empowering and educational resources, events and professional development. We network, collaborate and share with like-minded individuals and organizations across Canada, and worldwide.

Our Values

We must be empowered to be ourselves and to create.

We are the creative talent that does exist. 

How we engage with one another is just as important as the work we create.

Our presence is a right, and needs no apology, nor an explanation.

Our stories + cultures are ours to share, and best represented by us.

Creating spaces free of racial + unconscious bias, frees up our creative energy.

Dismantling negative stereotypes of IBPOC professionals is essential.

Collaborating with allies should always be empowering – for everyone involved.

True inclusivity must be authentic, and accountability is a prerequisite.

Our Ultimate Vision

To explore and encourage new and diverse ways of creating works that are inherently non-colonial. To create an equitable cultural sector, that accurately reflects the world we live in. And to eliminate systemic racism within arts + culture.


Creatives Empowered is a non-profit organization founded by Shivani Saini and Atelier Culturati, who currently host this temporary landing page. We are an open and welcoming community, committed to the empowerment of IBPOC artists + creatives. Please feel free to reach out anytime…


Nasra Adem

Spoken Word Artist and Founder + Director of Black Arts Matter – Alberta

Christine Sokaymoh Frederick

Artist, Producer, Writer, Award-Winning Arts Leader and Executive Director of Dreamspeakers Festival Society

Shivani Saini

CEO, Founder, Producer & Consultant at Atelier Culturati

Michelle Wong

Writer, Director, Producer, Executive Producer and Business Affairs Consultant


Lady Vanessa Cardona

Artist, Award-Winning National Poet, Writer and Founder of Remix the Ritual

Georgina Lightning

Award-Winning Actress, Director, Producer and Co-Founder of Tribal Alliance Productions

Dr. Kamala Parel-Nuttall

Writer, Director and Producer

Jodi Calahoo-Stonehouse

Indigenous Innovator, Storyteller, Wave Maker and Producer

Nina Sudra

Writer, Director and Producer

Roseanne Supernault

Award-Winning Actress and Advocate

Troy Emery Twigg

Theatre Artist, Dancer, Choreographer and Writer



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