Is Your Media Content Actually Inclusive?

With an extensive background in news and broadcast television, we can help your media outlet create truly equitable, diverse and inclusive content – that does not unknowingly present as tokenism, disingenuous and / or performative. We’ll shed light on your existing editorial process and content, help you understand the key elements to EDI storytelling, and work with you to develop best practices and a successful approach. Inclusive media coverage is a cornerstone to accurately reflecting and engaging with your true audience demographics in our inherently diverse population. We’ll customize this service for your media outlet, and conduct it virtually to ensure safe physical distancing measures.

We'll Help You:

+ understand what authentic Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is

+ gain insight on how your existing media content may be perceived by your audiences that are Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC)

+ assess your existing editorial process, and the current approach you take with BIPOC interview subjects and communities

+ understand the key elements and process to create storytelling that’s truly equitable, diverse and inclusive

+ learn how to balance these key learnings with the fast pace, challenges and demands of news and live media

What You’ll Achieve:

+ an expanded awareness to develop best practices and a successful approach

+ the opportunity to create relationships and strengthen the connections between your media organization and BIPOC communities

+ audience growth by engaging with your BIPOC demographics in our diverse population

+ preventative measures to avoid costly mistakes and maintain a positive public reputation

+ the ability to create truly equitable, diverse and inclusive content, that will present as authentic

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